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1Performance Testing Techniques: Ensuring Accurate and Reliable Results In this article, we explore several techniques that can help performance testing engineers improve the setting of performance testing environments, isolate testing environments, optimize network bandwidth availability, use test...
2What does QA stand for in Software Testing & Its importance In this article, we are going to talk about the very basic question “what does QA stand for in software testing” and how it affects the entire software development process in the long run.
3PGC Digital: How unceasing QA testing increases mobile game profitability WeTest’s Connie Fu and Gunther Gong explain the importance of continued QA testing
4How to Identify and Locate Memory Leaks in Android Activities When the tester tells you that your XXActivity has leaked, how do you confirm whether it has really leaked? After confirming the leak, how do you locate the problem causing the memory leak?
5What are unit tests & what is their significance? What are unit tests? Why are they so important and whom do they serve? these are the most common questions being searched for the basic testing of software. This is why this post focuses on all the basic knowledge one needs to, master before jumping into these testing techniques.