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WeTest got appraised with CMMI Maturity Level 3 certification for its R&D management capabilities

Recently, WeTest, Tencent’s quality service brand, successfully gained CMMI Level 3 certification, which indicates its R&D and management capabilities is recognized globally.

How to Efficiently Test iOS Apps with Appium on WeTest

To ensure the quality of our iOS Apps during development and testing, we decide to use Jenkins jobs to test it on WeTest cloud devices for every update of our app. After investigating various tools, we use gtest + gmock as the unit test framework and Appium as the UI test framework for the SDK.

Why top publishers rely on WeTest for QA services

WeTest is a one-stop game quality assurance service for the full development life cycle of games, from R&D through to live-ops.

What is Gameplay Testing and how does it work?

Game Testing is a software testing process for video games’ quality control, usually conducted in the post-production stage of the game development cycle.

WeTest Case Study: A Battle Royale Mobile Game

This case provides a best-practice model for the mobile game industry, demonstrating how to update QA management using modern technologies and automated tools.

WeTest QA Case Study: A casual mobile game

This is a popular global mobile game maker which encountered issues in March 2020.

Optimize your games with Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing is a game testing method to ensure that the game runs successfully on different hardware, operating systems, or mobile devices.

Imagination and Tencent WeTest carry out in-depth cooperation to help developers obtain key report o

WeTest’s PerfDog tool adds more than 80 GPU Counters across all platforms and architectures, providing developers with detailed interpretation on data indicators of PowerVR GPU

How to troubleshoot game performance problems? — — Performance Optimization

Good game performance is a necessary component for quality gameplay. However, Game performance problems caused by bugs, hardware problems, or inefficient coding, such as slow frame rates, can often occur and negatively affect the player experience.

Challenges that Game Developers faced during 2020

COVID struck and affected many people and industries. The game industry seemed to be well placed to weather the pandemic initially. But in fact, COVID is a double-edged sword, as it creates both opportunities and challenges for game developers at the same time.
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