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What is Smoke Testing in Software Engineering?

One of our new interns asked us this question what is smoke testing in software engineering? This brought us to the decision of writing this blog post. Read till the end to learn about everything related to the basics of Smoke Testing and its implications.

What are the Different Types of Testing in Software Engineering?

In this blog post, we will talk about the common types of testing in software engineering and their most essential concepts which every newbie or veteran of the software world should know.

What Is SIT Testing (System Integration Testing) | A Beginners Guide

What is SIT testing is one of the most common questions we are being asked regularly, this is why this blog post is released to explain all the queries one may have regarding SIT testing and its techniques.

Types of Selectors in CSS | Theoretical Explanation and Examples

In this blog post, we will talk about the basic types of selectors in CSS being used in the HTML language and how they are used in web documents.

What is Quality Assurance Testing | Types, Significance

In this FAQ post, we will talk about a very common question "what is quality assurance testing" and also will cover its types and significance in the software world.

Test Case Definition, Types, Significance, and Basic Concepts

In this case, we will go through the basics of the test case definition, its types, and why it is used. This blog post is based on concepts and will stay away from the technical complexities of these testing methods, serving only the beginners in the software universe.

What is Localization in Software? | Process, Benefits & More

This FAQ post will focus on the query "what is localization in software" and how it is done in the modern software world. Stick till the end to learn everything about it.

What is Exploratory Testing? | Basic Concepts, Pros, Cons

In this post, we will talk about a highly requested question "what is exploratory testing" and how it impacts software development routines?

What is ETL Testing? | A Beginners Conceptual Explanation

This post answers very common questions of "what is ETL testing" and “what are its implications”. In this post, we have focused more on the conceptual side to lay down grounds for real-world testing scenarios.

What is Automated Test Equipment | Testing Basics & Explanation

In this post of our faq series, we will discuss the question "what is automated test equipment" and how it impacts the test results in real-world software environments.
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