App Not Installed as Package Appears to Be Invalid: How to Fix

This article investigates the possible causes behind this error and provides possible solutions to help users resolve this issue.

What Makes App Not Installed as Package Appears to Be Invalid

When trying to install and update an app on Android, sometimes the error message " App not installed as package appears to be invalid" occurs. This error message indicates that there is a problem with the app package file that prevents the program from installing as planned. There are many possible causes for this error. Here, we list several common reasons:

1. Conflicting packages:

This may be due to conflicts with packages already installed on your device. This can happen when trying to install an app with the same package name as an already installed app. Please remove the problematic app and reinstall the desired app using the new APK file to fix the issue.

2. App signature mismatch:

Android apps are digitally signed. An error can occur if there is a mismatch between the signature of the installed app and the signature of the newly downloaded or updated app. This can happen if you try to install an application with the same package name but signed with a different certificate. This issue may be resolved by authenticating her APK file with the same certificate as the previously installed version.

3. Corrupted or incomplete APK files:

An "App not installed as a package appears to be invalid" message or a corrupted or incomplete APK file can cause the error. This can occur when downloading or transferring data. To fix this issue, download the APK file again from a trusted source and make sure the file is ready before installing.

4. Problem with system settings or permissions:

It is also possible that certain system settings or permissions on the device are preventing the program from installing or updating properly. In this situation, you can try to reset the app settings from your phone's Settings menu or check and change the permissions required for the app to work properly. 

How to Fix App Not Installed as Package Appears to Be Invalid

There are several solutions accountable for the App not installed as package appear to be invalid problem. Figure out how to fix using the following easy methods in detail.

Method 1. Clear existing app data

If you previously installed this app from the Play Store and are trying to sideload it again, make sure you have deleted the app's data files from the previous installation. Otherwise, there will be a conflict between the old and new data and the app may not install. 

Method 2. Reset app settings

In some cases, creating and implementing rules for one app can adversely affect other apps installed on the device. Therefore, you should consider restoring all app settings to their default state. This will reset disabled and default app rules and any restrictions that have been applied, allowing you to work with the default settings. 

Method 3. Downgrade the app

Occasionally, the latest version of an app may have one or two issues that prevent it from installing on your device. To fix this issue, you should consider downloading an older version of this app from sites and checking the results. 

Method 4. Try an APP Detecting Tool

Suppose after trying the above solutions, you still fail to install or update the application, and still there is an “App not installed as package appears to be invalid” error message, you can try this one-stop application testing tool, WeTest to find the error. It is equipped with automation test, app function test, app compatibility testing, and other helpful features, helping you target the error accurately and quickly.


In the world of mobile applications, it can be frustrating when errors occur when installing a new application. Whether you are tech-savvy or simply love exploring new apps, this article will be helpful to fix this “App not installed as package appears to be invalid” error and successfully install the applications you want. 

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