How to Get Past Screenshot Block | Beginners Guide for Every OS

Let me guess, you weren't allowed to take a screenshot on an app and you just searched for the keywords "how to get past screenshot block". You landed here on this page and here we will attempt to give you the best suggestions to solve this issue.

a. How to get Past Screenshot Block on a PC?

To bypass screenshot restriction on the PC, simply click "Start" on your keyboard, type msconfig, and hit Enter or click the MS config button in Control Panel. Select the ADVANCED tab from the left-side bar and disable the display of UAC/Local Security Settings to enable screenshots.

Then: Select Windows Firewall > Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall > select the 'change' link next to Screen Capture" and uncheck it. Click on OK, and restart your PC.

b. How to get Past Screenshot Block on Android?

Use QuickPic, which will save screenshots transparently as PNG. You can then view them in any photo app. QuickPic is a free app that will save screenshots as PNG files. You can then view them in any photo app, or even with your browser. You can use QuickPic to take screenshots from the Android or iOS camera app, and even from the keyboard!

Skitch is a mobile app for iOS, Android, and macOS. It lets you annotate screenshots with drawing tools such as arrows and lines. You can also crop them or add text boxes to the image. Artrage is a photo editor designed specifically for taking screenshots on the go. You can toggle between fullscreen mode or pinch-to-zoom while taking pictures to capture more stuff at once; this feature makes it ideal for social media posts where you want people to see everything about your phone's screen at once (like when posting about what app you used).

If you're into gaming, take screenshots from your phone's gamepad, then use a screenshot extension such as Screenshot It. This allows you to save the image and share it with others. You can also take screenshots directly from your Android's home screen by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of any screen and selecting “Take a Screenshot” or just holding down Power + Volume Down on your phone until it vibrates slightly then releasing them simultaneously. (we are not sponsored by this app.

c.How to get Past Screenshot Block on iOS?

If your app doesn’t allow you to take screenshots, there are other ways you can do it. First, turn on your iPhone camera and do a full press and scroll. This will take a screenshot of everything on the screen that is visible the moment you press down on both power buttons (the power button is located at the top center of the phone). Then release both buttons when you see the camera flash (this should happen within 2 seconds). After that, simply tap Save Image to save it as an image file in your Camera Roll album in the Photos app on iOS 12 or earlier versions; tap Done when prompted by a message saying “Your photo has been saved.

d.How to get Past Screenshot Block on Mac?

Download Screenshotter and use it like Skitch. A screenshot is free and available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s a screenshot tool that lets you take full-screen screenshots of any window on your computer as well as all other visible areas of your screen (including web pages). You can also take multiple snapshots at once using hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts. Use this tool to capture images for social media posts or just for fun.

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We get it and it can be annoying to get blocked while taking a screenshot. This is why you searched to bypass these screenshot securities and we hope this article helped you. Keep surfing and keep taking screenshots!

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