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Project Member
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Project Member

Updated on: 2022-09-22 15:29

Member management

On the Project, click [Member] to enter the project member page.
Member management

The system defaults to 3 user groups

  1. Admin
  2. User
  3. Visitor

Main operation

  • Delete User
  • Invite User
  • Add User Group

Invite User
Click [Invite User] to enter the invitation process. Invite users to join the project to become administrators, users or visitors. These three are default roles, which correspond to different project operation permissions. You can click [Copy] or [Get the link] to invite your collenges to join the project, == link within 7 days == .
[Note]Link valid for 7 days
Invite User

Delete User
Select the user you want to delete and click [Delete User] to remove the user from the project. This user will not be able to see any information for this item.
Delete User

Add User Group
Users can add custom user groups according to their own needs, and give corresponding use rights to the user groups, and members in the user group have the rights.
Add User Group

Add User Group1
[Note] The administrator group in the default user group cannot be edited or deleted. Users and visitors can freely edit according to user needs.