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Special Models'User Manual
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Special Models'User Manual

Updated on: 2022-11-03 16:23
  1. Some Nubia mobile phones may suffer the problems of memory collection interruption.
    a) Need to set Power Management ->Apply Power Management->PerfDog->Not Control.

  2. Cannot be tested on some Huawei 6.0 systems.
    a)Please upgrade to a system higher than version 6.0.

  3. Cannot be tested on some zuk 6.0 systems.
    a) Please upgrade to a system higher than version 6.0.

  4. On some Huawei mobile phones, after Wi-Fi is connected successfully, it will prompt “start test failed”.
    a) Please set up according to the following steps:
    Step 1: run ADB debugging in “Charge Only” mode.
    Step 2: open USB debugging.
    Step 3: after the mobile phone is connected to the PC, select “Charge Only”.
    Step 4: restart and open.