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Important notes Q&A

Updated on: 2023-09-08 16:53

1.  Q: PerfDog failed to detect mobile phone?

    Android platform:

    1)      Please enable Debug mode (Huawei devices need to enable the option of Allow ADB Debug in “Charge Only” mode in the developer options, then open the USB debugging).

    2)      If the problem continues, please reboot PerfDog software and restart the mobile phone.

    3)     If the problem continues, please check whether the ADB on PC is exclusively occupied (automatic test framework, Android Studio tools, etc.) Please shut down the tools and ADB.exe.

    4)      If the problem continues, please use the Mobile Manager or Mobile assistant to make a test.

 Special models:

    iOS platform

    1)      Windows systems or system earlier than Mac10.15

        a)      Need to be trusted by mobile phone.

        b)      If the problem continues, please use the latest iTunes version software to test whether it can connect and detect the mobile phone.

        c)      If the problem continues, please restart the mobile phone.

        d)      If the problem still continues, please change the USB cable (USB cable may be aged).

    2)      Mac10.15 and later systems

        a)      Find the device on the left to confirm the trust request.

        b)      Verify terminal device.

    3)      Please download and use the latest iTunes in advance (if iTools software is installed, please shut down it.)

2.  Q: Whether PerfDog supports MacOS?

        A: Windows & Mac OS X platform PerfDog client versions all support the user to test both iOS and Android devices. Mulitple PerfDogs can be opened on PC and one PC can test multiple mobile phones simultaneously.

3.  Q: What APPs does PerfDog support for testing?

        A: PerfDog supports the performance tests for all the APPs of the mobile platform (games, APPs, browsers, applets, mini-games, H5 and background system processes, etc.), Android emulators and real phone on cloud, etc.

4.  Q: Whether PerfDog supports testing a sub-process?

        A: It supports the APP multi-process test such as Android multi-subprocess and iOS extension process APP Extension.

5.  Q: If the small dot or white bar on iOS mobile phone is touched in error, will it influence the performance?

        A: For iOS platform: the iPhone small dot/AssistiveTouch and white bar/Guided Access of iPhone x notch will influence the data collection accuracy of PerfDog. Please turn them off.

        Note: the methods of turning off white bar/Guided Access in APPs and games:

            1. Click [Setting] – [General] – [Auxiliary Functions] – [Guided Access]

            2. Enable [Guided Access], enter the game, press Power button three times successively to completely hide the Home key.

            3. To restore the Home key, press the Power button three times successively again.

6.  Q: Whether screenshot/log will influence the performance?

        A: Screenshot record and Log collection respectively influence the performance (total FPS influence <=1. MIJU 5: CPU = about 1% iPhone7P: CPU<2%). If unnecessary, please do not enable screenshot or Log collection.

7.  Q: Prompted “Failed to connect to network”?

        A. It is possibly because a network proxy is set for the PC network or the package capture tools are enabled. Please disable them.

8.  Q: the memory collection of iOS mobile phone is always zero?

        A: Please restart the mobile phone. The collection of Energy is always zero. Please reboot the tested APP or game.

9.  Q: How to collect more performance parameters?

        A: there is the + button on the lower right of the UI used to customize the performance parameters. If it is checked, it indicates collection. If the corresponding box is selected, it indicates display.

10. Q: Why can’t I see GPU information?

        A: For Android platform, only some Qualcomm GPU mobile phones are supported so far and other mobile phones will be enlisted in the future.

11. Q: Why can’t the battery level and power of the mobile phone be tested?

         A: The battery level can only be tested in Wi-Fi mode. The charging test is meaningless in USB mode. For iOS platform, the mobile phones designed with wireless charging functions are not supported so far.

12. Q: Android mobile phone failed to connect or test in Wi-Fi mode?

         A: For some Huawei, OPPO mobile phones, please conduct the Wi-Fi mode connection in “Charge Only” mode .

13. Q: Why can’t the screenshot be used?

         A: It can only be used in USB mode.

14. Q: Why is no performance information displayed on the mobile phone?

         A: Please enable the permissions of displaying mobile phone floating window.

15. Q: Why did it prompt “Failed to connect” in Wi-Fi test mode?

         A: 1. Make sure the PC and mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi

                2. If the problem continues, it is possible that Wi-Fi is limited by the network security policy setting. Please change to another Wi-Fi connection to perform the test.

16. Q: Whether a tutorial is provided for true mobile phone on cloud?

         A: for the test process of true Android mobile phone on cloud, please refer to :

17. Q: Whether the simulator is provided with tutorial?

         A: for the test process of Android simulator, please refer to :

18. Q: Mac prompts malicious software?

         A: If Mac system prompts a security problem, you need to perform the safety setting. Otherwise, it may report PerfDog as a malicious software in error. The specific setting method: open System Setting -> Safety & Privacy -> General -> Click Continue to Open.

19. Q: Cannot delete PerfDog folder?

         A: Please shut down the Adb.exe process in Task Manager.

20. Q: it pops up various prompts, but cannot be used at all

         A: Please restart the mobile phone or change USB cable. Restarting can solve all the problems.

21. A: Not compatible with automatic test platform?

         A: first start the automatic test platform, then boot PerfDog.

22. Q: How to test multiple mobile phones simultaneously?

         A: Windows: double click once and open once more. Can open PerfDog in multiple instances?

                Mac mobile phones: 1. Similar to other programs to generally open multiple APPs. Copy one more PerfDog; or use the command line: open -n /Applications/

23. Q: Windows platform failed to boot PerfDog?

         A: Do not place the PerfDog file directory under the system disk directory or Chinese directory.

24. Q: During iOS testing, there are issues such as data interruption or not collecting data?

         A: Please upgrade Apple USB drive of PC system. The specific solution is in :