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Supported actions

Updated on: 2024-04-01 14:31

This section provides information on basic device interaction during live testing.
The following table describes the options available on the device toolbar.

Option Description
image.png Click to retrieve device information, including ID, Brand, Name, Model, OS version, and so on.
image.png Click to add the device to My Devices>Starred tab list.
image.png Click to rotate the device display by 90 degrees.
image.png Click to return to the main device interface.
image.png Click to view the device running programs in the background.
image.png Click to return to the previous action.
image.png Report device problems to us and we will fix them quickly.
image.png Click to stop testing. You must click the end button to stop testing otherwise it will remain in billing.
image.png Click to upload, install, or uninstall an application on the device. For details, see Manage apps.
image.png Provides the WDB (WeTest Debug Bridge) tool, which allows your local Mac or PC to connect to the remote cloud device for conveniently debugging the device locally. For details, see WDB Tool.
image.png You can quickly take screenshots of the current device screen.For details, see Take screenshots.
image.png You can see the device logs in real-time. The log includes valuable data that can help understand execution problems.For details, see View the device logs.
image.png You can type the command after the cursor, press the keyboard enter and the command will be executed.For details, see Terminal(Only for Android).
image.png Provides current, voltage and power graph.For details, see View the device power
image.png Supports uploading images to the device, quickly typing text in the device, and obtaining text from the clipboard.For details, see Tools(Only for Android).