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Select a device for live Testing
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Select a device for live Testing

Updated on: 2024-04-01 14:30

The live Testing displays all devices in the WeTest lab. For each device, WeTest indicates:

  • Device ID
  • Brand
  • Device Name
  • Model
  • OS version
  • Resolution(Screen)
  • CPU
  • Device Farm
  • Status(Available, In Use)
  • And More(CPU Arch、CPU Cores、CPU Freq、OpenGL ES、GPU Name、RAM)

Search and filter devices

You can search for any device using the search box.
In the search field, enter values for any of these parameters:
Brand, Device ID, Model, Device Name
You can quickly filter the list of devices using the list’s options.

Start testing

Select your device from the device listing and click the Start button.
You can run up to a maximum number of parallel sessions depending on the parallel you have purchased.

Note: Device session time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. After closing the page without ending the test, you can reconnect to the device from the My Devices tab.
If you want to end the test, please click the end button. The test will continue to be billed if you close the device page and do not click on the End Test button.