PerfDog v7.1 New Features Update

Our service is always updating. Let's find out what we have improved in the last few months.

Our service is always updating. Let's find out what we have improved in the last few months. 


  • One of PerfDog’s new features provides you with a more accurate frame smoothness and stability of your game or application.
  • To find all the tiny jank in your application that could affect the users' experience, look for 'Small Jank' on your PerfDog Console.
  • The new version of WeTest PerfDog added more detailed statistics support for standard deviation of FPS and FTime.
  • When evaluating the power consumption performance of your game, PerfDog shows you the power consumption of every frame of your game.


Measure your app performance with WeTest PerfDog for optimized iOS traffic acquisition, improved data accuracy, and even better app experiences for your users.


  • PefDog v7.1 added new features of web page use case reports to display the current test time, which is convenient for querying data related to other systems.
  • Optimized traffic acquisition for the iOS system. You can find more accurate data on your performance on iOS.
  • Parameters explanation added, which makes WeTest PerfDog easier to use. You can find explanations for the indicators simply by hovering your mouse over the parameters' names without having to look up the information elsewhere.


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