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1Mastering the Key Points of Mobile Game Testing Mobile game development is now a big business. Game development companies need to ensure the quality of their products so that players can use the perfect game experience. In this process, playtesting becomes extremely important. Here are the key takeaways from mobile game testing.
2Enhancing Usability Testing through User Tours in Mobile Testing This article explores the importance of user tours and highlights several user categories that can be considered during these tours.
3The Impact of AI on Software Testing: Revolutionizing the Process This article will discuss how AI is revolutionizing software testing and the benefits it brings.
4Performance Testing Metrics: What Exactly Does It Contain? Performance testing metrics are essential aspects to consider in a performance testing report. The objective of performance testing is to obtain relevant data about server performance under high user and data loads, analyze system bottlenecks, and enhance system stability.
5Overcoming Proxy Restrictions for Web Crawlers in Python In this article, we explore how to set up a ProxyHandler proxy for urllib2 and modify the code to overcome these restrictions, allowing us to successfully download images from a forum and save them locally.