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1Functional Testing vs Unit Testing: Pros, Cons, and Prioritization This article breaks down the fundamental comparison of function testing vs unit testing and how it affects the software engineers/QA officials in real-life testing projects.
2Introducing WeTest Monkey, Making Compatibility Testing Easier For developers, it is crucial to ensure that their mobile applications and games provide a seamless experience across various devices.
3Top Reasons Why Bugs and Defects Leak into Production Despite Efforts by Testers There are various contributing factors that can lead to such issues. Below are the top reasons why bugs/defects may leak into production despite efforts by testers to identify them.
4Types of Security Testing | Industry's Standard Approaches The types of security testing and their role has been a hot topic for years and this article will break down the most essential and typical approaches one has to take when testing their codes.
55 Essential Steps for Successful Game Testing This article highlights the importance of strategic game testing for achieving high-quality gaming products and user satisfaction.