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1How to Improve iOS Review Pass Rate This article will share some real-life cases from Tencent's pre-review project.
2What is Software Quality Assurance | Importance, Practices, and Advantages This article answers the question of What is Software Quality Assurance and how it impacts typical software testing routines in an organization. Read till the end to learn everything related to QA and other basic concepts.
3A Beginners Guide to The Query: What is Functional Testing If you are still wondering about what is functional testing and which techniques to use then this article is for you. We have explained here a beginner conceptual dose to all of you out there just entering the testing world.
4Performance Testing: Ensuring Quality, Speed, and Stability of Software Applications Performance testing is a critical aspect of software development, ensuring the quality and efficiency of applications before they are released to the public.
5Revolutionize Your Testing Experience with Live Testing Unmetered Plan WeTest Live Testing has instant access to a wide range of iOS and Android Real Devices on WeTest Cloud. It is always on and available for development team.