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1Differences Between Manual and Automation Testing Both Manual and Automation Testing have pros and cons, and choosing between these two depends on the project requirements, time and so on. After you read these differences between manual and automation testing, which one do you prefer? Manual Testing or Automation Testing?
2Functional Test vs Integration Test: How are They Different Functional test vs integration test, how are they different? This article takes you through the definition, advantages, disadvantages, and detailed differences between the two.
3What is ETL Testing? | A Beginners Conceptual Explanation This post answers very common questions of "what is ETL testing" and “what are its implications”. In this post, we have focused more on the conceptual side to lay down grounds for real-world testing scenarios.
4The Importance and Benefits of Functional Testing in Software Development In this article, we'll explore why functional testing is essential in today's rapidly changing software development industry, the benefits of automated functional testing, and how the integration of AI and ML technologies will shape the future of functional testing.
5The Essence of Load Testing: Assessing System Performance and Scalability This article explores the fundamentals of load testing and its significance in software development.