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1Lessons from 194 Tracked Bugs: Improving Coding, Testing, and Debugging Practices Below are the most important lessons I've summarized, covering three aspects: coding, testing, and debugging.
2Manual vs Automation Testing | Key Differences, Pros, Cons This article stresses the Manual vs Automation Testing comparison and their basic definitions, as both are directly correlated to the testing routines.
3What Activities Should be Included in Mobile Testing? This article discusses the activities that should be included in mobile testing to address common challenges mobile applications face.
4Appium vs Espresso Showdown | Which One is Better & Why? This article goes through the Appium vs Espresso comparison to help you decide which one is for your project.
5【Live Testing】Rewarding User Survey Here is a WeTest questionnaire waiting for you to fill out. After completing the questionnaire and leaving the contact information, you will be rewarded with a 60min Live Testing quota or 7 days Automation quota reward~