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1How We Test Phones We use a stringent set of repeatable tests to analyze the mobile phones we review, taking into account battery life, call quality, multimedia capabilities, reception, and more.
2Challenges and Solutions in Exception and Crash Management. Nowadays, The online environment is complex and abnormal errors are hard to find, "needle in a haystack" will lead to low efficiency, high cost of troubleshooting.
3What is Software Quality Assurance | Importance, Practices, and Advantages This article answers the question of What is Software Quality Assurance and how it impacts typical software testing routines in an organization. Read till the end to learn everything related to QA and other basic concepts.
4Optimize Performance with WeTest PerfDog - Limited Time Offer WeTest PerfDog is a professional full mobile platform performance Test & Analysis tool, provides performance testing and analytical solution for all types of applications.
5Importance of Network Testing in Mobile and Desktop Applications This article discusses the significance of network testing in mobile and desktop applications and highlights key considerations for testers.