What Problems Can WeTest Global Private Real Device Cloud Solve?

WeTest Global Private Cloud solutions are built with robust product capabilities across the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers, providing users with stable, secure, efficient, and automated end-to-end cloud testing capabilities.

In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies like 5G and AI, cloud-based mobile devices have experienced a true breakthrough. They not only seamlessly integrate with traditional smartphones but also offer innovative features such as cross-platform synchronization, efficient storage, and enhanced security.

Since its launch, WeTest Global Real Device Cloud has garnered a significant user base and widespread recognition. As one of the flagship testing products on the WeTest Global platform, it has encountered new challenges as customers delve deeper into its usage. Here, we address several common questions raised by our Real Device Cloud customers:

Questions Regarding Real Device Cloud

1. WeTest exclusive custom real devices with functionalities like customized ROMs, virtual cameras, virtual GPS, and root access are not found.

Our exclusive custom devices and emulators are designed specifically for private cloud usage. WeTest Global custom real devices are a special type of Android board solution, developed in-house and jointly customized with professional manufacturers. They undergo optimization in terms of system, network, UI, and functionalities, better suited for hardware-independent functional verification testing and scenario validation when real devices fail to meet specific requirements.

2. Some real devices experience lagging performance.

The performance of real devices can be affected by various factors, such as device status, customer’s network condition (carrier network), and their computer performance. If you have high-speed and top-quality requirements for network connectivity and user experience, we recommend utilizing the private cloud option, which offers dedicated bandwidth advantages and exclusive device usage.

3. Specific devices like tablets are not available in the real devices cloud.

The public cloud currently includes tablet devices, and we regularly update it with top-tier models to ensure forward compatibility and effectiveness in real device testing. If you have a specific demand for batch device testing and cannot find a particular model or tablet device in the public cloud, we recommend utilizing the private cloud option, which supports connecting your own devices or procuring specific devices.

While the public cloud effectively serves the testing needs of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, it also has inherent limitations, such as shared device pools and waiting times for device resources. Inefficient task scheduling by testing personnel can result in idle device resources, and device performance may be affected by other users, leading to performance degradation or instability. Hence, WeTest Global Private Cloud has emerged as the preferred choice for an increasing number of enterprises and individual users.

WeTest Global Private Cloud

We offer multiple modes of usage for WeTest Global Private Cloud, including monthly leasing based on the number of slots and exclusive device cloud leasing. With low minimum quantities and high user acceptance, we cater to a wide range of needs.

WeTest Global Private Cloud solutions are built with robust product capabilities across the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers, providing users with stable, secure, efficient, and automated end-to-end cloud testing capabilities. Our overall service stability reaches 99.9%, and we offer testing solutions in the areas of compatibility, functionality, and performance, contributing to improved efficiency in development and testing processes.

Private Cloud IaaS provides comprehensive device options, allowing users to define device types and models. Devices are dedicated to individual users, and custom devices support features like root access, virtual cameras, and GPS. This enables functional testing, audio testing, and stability testing in specialized scenarios. Emulators ensure stable foundational testing, security, and access to special permissions, with customizable system ROMs. We also support integration with enterprise-owned devices.

Private Cloud opens up PaaS-level capabilities, enabling access to testing capabilities and platform services across different levels via the interface layer. We provide a sophisticated scheduling system and log services, ensuring efficient device utilization and meeting the integration requirements of various systems.

Private Cloud offers more extensive cloud configurations, allowing settings such as the preservation of installed applications, login status retention, pre-installed applications, and performance data customization.

Private Cloud caters to a broader range of application scenarios. In addition to automation testing, it is suitable for application submission reviews, application security audits, and other typical scenarios, eliminating issues such as frequent device pop-ups and poor stability that are often encountered with real devices.

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