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Application Performance Monitoring-PerfSight(APM)
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Application Performance Monitoring-PerfSight(APM)

Updated on: 2021-09-18 14:29

Basic process

Early communication

Contact customer service to communicate the content of business that will be accessed, including: project appid, business category, required scene, game engine, etc.
Different engines can refer to their corresponding access documents.
Determine the recipient of the performance monitoring daily report, the threshold of the performance alarm, and so on.

Testing and acceptance

Test any game with the test package and exit the game normally;
Log in to [wetest to view the upload history] (
Contact customer service to confirm the accuracy of the reported data;
Complete the acceptance process to conclude the access process.

Process overview

Links Description Roles Contacts Time spent(days)
Communication and preparation Confirm game engine and game appid PM customer service 0.1
Technology access SDK access Development customer service 0.5
Testing and acceptance Reporting Data Accuracy and Page Display Acceptance PM/Development customer service 0.1