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Updated on: 2023-09-08 17:12

Must an enterprise mailbox be used to register?
Not necessarily. But a user registering with an enterprise mailbox will enjoy more conveniences.

Why is data uploaded from the client, but is invisible to the WEB login?
It is usually because different accounts are used. PerfDog and Web need to be logged in with the same account.

Registration failed? Why does the page show an abnormality when it is clicked to register?
The registration failure is mainly due to two reasons:
a) The main reasons include a network problem, where a network agent is set, there is an unstable network or a host is configured, etc.
b) Second, make sure to use a normal name to register the account. Do not use special characters, or a text or word showing hostile attacks or impoliteness, etc. Otherwise, we can refuse it directly!

The page shows abnormality, is the content incorrect? Is the problem because automatic translation is turned on in the browser?
In most cases, it is because the “Automatic translation” function is turned on in the browser. It results in the page showing abnormalities. Thus, it is a problem of function use!

Now, you just need to manually turn off the automatic translation, then everything will be all right!

Whether it supports viewing data from a mobile terminal?
Yes. A mobile device such as mobile phone or iPad can be used for WEB login and viewing the data.

For a free account number, how long can the data be retained?
We support displaying the last 2,000 data items of a user. For a free account, the data records are usually retained for one year.