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Special adjustments to GPU Counter chart drawing in PerfDog
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Special adjustments to GPU Counter chart drawing in PerfDog

Updated on: 2022-11-10 14:58

When collecting GPU Counter data, we found many counters seemed too ‘smooth’, as shown in the figure below:
From the GPU General chart, except Clocks/Second, we can see the obvious fluctuation trend. The other three indicators are all 0 from beginning to end, without any change. In fact, these three indicators have their own fluctuation trends. The reason is that Clocks/Second and the other three indicators have different base unit. The former has a very large value and the latter three only fluctuate between 0-100%. However, these four indicators are meaningful in GPU General. To solve the above problems, PerfDog made the following adjustments to the graph drawing of the Gpu Counter:
In order to intuitively see the fluctuation trend of all indicators, we map the values of all indicators to the range of 0-1, and hide the meaningless values of the y-axis. At the same time, we make different degrees of up and down shifts for each indicator to ensure that they do not overlap. From the adjusted chart, we can intuitively see the fluctuation trend of each indicator, so as to better analyze the performance bottleneck.