Notes for performance standard reference
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Notes for performance standard reference

Updated on: 2023-09-08 16:58

I am often asked “What’s my game and APP performance standard, what sizes of CPU and memory are suitable? “

In fact, I also want to know. For different similar APPs, various similar games and different classes of models, the CPU and memory occupation are totally different and very possibly at a different magnitude. It is very difficult to have a unified standard. For example, the memory as below:

The Android platform has no special limitations on a single process. If only the VirtulMomory does not exceed the process address space (usually 4G) and the system free memory Ram is no lower than LKM, the process will have no OOM.

The iOS platform is relatively complex and has resource limitations on the process. It is related with a single process FootPrint Limit (for 1G memory, maxFootPrint=650MB; for 2G memory, maxFootPrint=1400MB) and the system free Ram.

Thus, theoretically, if only the game or APP has no OOM, it will be OK regardless of memory occupation. However, the reality is very cruel, too high a memory occupation will influence the phone memory and performance. In principle, the smaller, the better.

Then, what on earth are my APP or game performance standards?

It is recommended to refer to your own competing APPs or games (directly test with PerfDog and view).

Remark: in the future, PerfDog will segment the reference standards for each type of APP and games.

Please refer to 2020 Mobile Game Quality White Paper