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Simulator Test Manual

Updated on: 2022-11-16 16:34

The article takes Tencent Game Buddy as the example to teach you how to use PerfDog to test the simulator.

Preconditions: Install simulator, Install adb.

Download and install simulator
Download Tencent Game Buddy from the official website ( and install it.

Open the software to test in the simulator
The tutorial takes Game For Peace as the example (Note: please ensure to enter into the simulation interface. It will be unable to connect on the main interface).

Use adb in cmd to establish connection
Enter “adb connect” in cmd (Note: 5555 is the port number of the Tencent Game Simulator.The port number may vary for different simulators. Please establish the port number for a different simulator yourself ).
daima 1.png
The connection shall be successful if “connected to” appears.If you are uncertain, please enter “adb devices” to verify whether the software is connected to the simulator.
daima 2.png

Open PerfDog client
Now click “Mobile Phone Device.” Then a text of “virtual machine 2” appears, you can click it to connect.
daima 3.png
Click “Yes” in the simulator.
Select APP in the client to start the test.
daima 4.png