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Security Scan instructions for use
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Security Scan instructions for use

Updated on: 2023-06-19 14:28

The basic version of Security Scan can be submitted for testing independently in the console, which is convenient and fast.

Step 1: Upload APK
Upload the application package you want to test in the console Security Scan - Add Scan page, and submit to the next step after the upload is completed. The basic version of Security Scan only supports testing of Android application packages, ios applications and Android SDK testing please consult customer service students.

Step 2: Submit the test
Click Submit Test to complete the testing process. The test report will be issued within 5 minutes. You can go to the report list to view it.

Step 3: View Report
The security scan report provides complete vulnerability scan results, and the vulnerability content is displayed according to four levels: high risk, medium risk, low risk and security risk.
You can expand the vulnerability content to view detailed vulnerability details and related fix suggestions.
Note: The screenshot content only shows part of the report.