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Our Strength

  • WeTest

    Experienced Team

    With more than 10 years of QA experience, our expert-level testing team has tested over 1000 high-quality mobile games.

  • WeTest

    Full Life Cycle

    The solution ensures the quality of all types of Apps throughout entire life cycle.

  • WeTest

    Mutiple Testing Tools

    WeTest integrates cutting-edge tools such as automated testing, compatibility testing, functionality testing, remote device, performance testing and security testing.

  • WeTest

    Leading Technology

    Integrates self-developed tools focusing on compatibility and performance to reduce the cost, improve the efficiency, and shorten the lead-time.

Comprehensive Solution


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Instant access to a wide range of iOS and Android Real Devices on WeTest Cloud. Always on and available for development team.

1) Maximum real device market coverage Test on thousands of Android and iOS real devices including iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Vivo, Pixel with different screens and OS versions. 2) Test Dev and Published Apps Upload and test on your dev APK/AAB/IPA files. Also be allowed to install production apps from Play Store/App Store. 3) Real-time Debugging Debug your app instantly, view device logs, inspect UI element, and use stacktrace to find and fix bugs easily. 4) Remote Debugging Easily access Android devices from ADB shell and iOS devices using CLI tool which could help you ship quality apps even faster.


      Applicable Scenarios

      • Fix online bugs
        Hard to find and fix online bugs on customer using device and hard to run automation tests scalable on multiple real devices.
        Our Services:
        Test on 1000+ Real iOS and Android Device Models Support all the gestures on each device. Connect with real devices using ADB Shell or iOS Remote Debugging Tool. Altunity Tester for UI Testing on Unity Games. Support Client-side and Cloud-side Appium Testing. Popular Testing frameworks(Espresso , XCTest…). Submit test using Web-UI, API and CI/CD Plugin.
      • During R&D period
        During R&D period, performance optimization as the focus of work, solving performance problems such as lag, crashes, and long response time has become a compulsory course for most application developers.
        Our Services:
        During the R&D phase, the client performance test should be accessed and the performance test of each development version be saved in order to verify and optimize the issues found by the test on similar Cloud Device models. Daily integrated server performance testing to ensure stable performance and adequate preparation for going live.
      • During operation period
        During operation period,Performance problems will directly affect the user experience and serious problems will lead to the loss of many users; it is difficult for the project team to obtain online performance data of competing products to compare performance; after discovering performance problems online, it is difficult to obtain engine layer function information. A lack of optimization suggestions have become obstacles to performance optimization.
        Our Services:
        Engine layer data can be obtained through deep performance testing to help identify performance issues and optimize performance based on optimization recommendations. At the same time, the project team can use the general performance test to obtain performance data of competing products to compare performance.

      Customer Case


      Getting Started

      Pre-sales requirements communication
      Business communication

      Confirm test intention according to customer needs and sign test agreement.

      Pre-sales communication

      Customize different service solutions according to business needs.

      Requirements analysis
      Use case design

      Under the premise of sufficient product experience, analyze the customer's actual business and product architecture to enhance the custom use case design.

      Choose your device

      Choose target testing device with different device model and os version.

      Test execution
      During the test execution phase, new users need to register an account and contact customer service to create your enterprise account. Please refer to the product introduction pages for usage guide. After you purchase the quota, please submit the test and required materials in the console, and then wait for the report.

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