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Our Strength

  • WeTest

    Equipped with mainstream models

    Cloud mobile phones are selected based on WeTest's big data, covering the real TOP models in the market. The newly launched mainstream mobile phones will join the cloud at the first time, while supporting customized machines and simulator equipment.

  • WeTest

    Leading Technology

    WeTest integrates cutting-edge tools such as automated testing, compatibility testing, functionality testing, remote device, performance testing and security testing. It will help the digital construction of the financial industry, and comprehensively improve product stability and security protection capabilities.

  • WeTest

    Brand Advantage

    In the long-term fight against the black industry, we have accumulated rich security protection technology and experience. With rapid security emergency response capabilities, when serious security breaches or incidents occur in the industry, we will provide repair consultation and support as soon as possible.

  • WeTest

    Supports multiple delivery methods

    Support public cloud, proprietary cloud and other delivery forms, match business needs for more flexible device configuration, and efficiently support business scenarios such as automated testing.

Clear Scheme Architecture

  • What Can We Solve?

    Faced with Support compatibility testing capabilities and mobile scenario security testing services to overcome quality and compliance problems, WeTest can provide.

  • Provide a full set of solutions for industry mobile product compatibility and server performance issues. Comprehensively improve the quality of industry products to meet the strict regulatory requirements of the financial industry.


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WeTest provides cloud-based mobile application testing service that allows you to perform automated testing in popular frameworks. Through real Android and iOS devices, WeTest automated testing helps you troubleshoot issues in the whole development and operations lifecycle.

1000+ Device Model: Test your native mobile App on a wide range of real iOS and Android devices including Apple, Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei etc. DevOps: Integration with the most popular CI/CD tools to trigger automated tests with each build action. Once you have build an App, the tool can automatically push it for testing on devices on WeTest cloud. Executing in Parallel: Reduce release times by more than 10x through parallel test execution across multiple devices on WeTest cloud. Test Analysis: Bring all test results into one view. Debug your mobile App using Logs, Video Recording, ScreenShot, Case Analysis, Device Analysis and Performance Analysis.



      • Avoid Risk
        Scene Pain Points
        Names and logos of banks and securities have been used illegally and fraudulently. Counterfeit apps launched maliciously. Counterfeit products to defraud users and affect brand image.
        Services We Provide
        Monitor the situation of counterfeit copycats in the application market of financial customers, and promptly synchronize customer reports to avoid negative impact on the brand. Output APP security reports, disclose business risks existing in the financial system, provide detailed risk repair plans, and help customers avoid risk.
      • Improve Test Capability
        Scene Pain Points
        Many financial enterprises do not have complete automated testing capabilities, and most of them stay in the manual testing stage, which seriously affects the speed of iterative updates. But at the same time, the financial industry has a huge user base. If there are compatibility problems such as black screen and stuck, it will directly affect the retention and conversion.
        Services We Provide
        Fully cover the test cloud real machine of mainstream models, automatically test and output detailed compatibility report. Detailed core interfaces and scenario stress test reports help improve performance. Including detailed pressure measurement data, TPS real-time curve, and corresponding optimization suggestions.

      Getting Started

      Pre-sales requirements communication
      Business communication

      Confirm test intention according to customer needs and sign test agreement.

      Pre-sales communication

      Customize different service solutions according to business needs.

      Requirements analysis
      Use case design

      Under the premise of sufficient product experience, analyze the customer's actual business and product architecture to enhance the custom use case design.

      Choose your device

      Choose target testing device with different device model and os version.

      Test execution
      During the test execution phase, new users need to register an account and contact customer service to create your enterprise account. Please refer to the product introduction pages for usage guide. After you purchase the quota, please submit the test and required materials in the console, and then wait for the report.

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