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    WeTest Cloud offers a convenient way for enterprises to access hundreds of real iOS and Android devices instantly. This not only saves on costly software and hardware expenses, but also streamlines testing processes for greater efficiency.

Product Function

  • WeTest

    Real Device Cloud

    Test on thousands of real Android devices online and iOS real devices including iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel with different screen size, OS versions.

  • WeTest

    Real-time Debugging

    Test mobile apps on real devices and debug your app instantly, view device logs, inspect UI element, and use stacktrace to find and fix bugs easily.

  • WeTest

    Test Dev and Published Apps

    Upload and test on your dev APK/AAB/IPA files. Also be allowed to install production apps from Play Store/App Store and start real device testing online.

  • WeTest

    ADB Debugging

    Easily access real Android cloud mobile phones directly from adb shell which help you ship quality apps even faster.

Application Scenarios

Lack of Resources
Incomplete Testing
Slow Response

The abnormal division of the Android ecosystem is a nightmare for all mobile developers, and the establishment of the Android device cloud will bring great purchase and maintenance costs to enterprises.

WeTest provides a large number of 7×24 hours online cloud real machine pool with a variety of models. Enterprises can use the required equipment anytime and anywhere, and no longer need to spend money and time on purchasing test machines.

      • Before product launch, most enterprises are prone to perform frequent temporary adjustment and rework due to inaccurate predictions of the target user device, short test cycle and low efficiency of team test, which greatly increases the risk that problems are left after launch.

        WeTest provides comprehensive debugging functions, making the experience efficient and convenient. Remote debugging, screenshots, detailed logs and other functions can help enterprises test efficiently.

          • After the release of an enterprise's application, it is faced with the adaptation challenge of various mobile phone manufacturers rapidly changing models.

            Based on Tencent's real-time market data, WeTest guarantees coverage of the hottest, most real, and most problem-prone device pool in the market, enable ADB quick debug capability to respond to market changes.

              Why WeTest Live Testing

              • WeTest

                Real Device Coverage

                Access to hundreds of Android/iOS real devices for quick and easy Live Testing. New and latest devices constantly updated.

              • WeTest

                Device Lab Management

                All devices are managed in our private Standard IDC Data Center which means 99.99% uptime and 24/7 instant access.

              • WeTest

                Real-World Conditions

                Leverage 50+ different device features like OSs, Resolutions to replicate real user conditions.

              • WeTest

                Error Monitoring & Reporting

                Capture, prioritize, and quickly resolve application errors in development, test,or post-release. Mitigate application risk with a deeper visibility into the root cause of application failure, high-fidelity error data.

              • WeTest

                Find & Fix Bugs Instantly

                Debug your app instantly, view device logs, inspect UI element, and use stacktrace to find and fix bugs easily.

              • WeTest

                Unbreakable Security

                All data are stored on our secured servers. After each session, the device undergoes a cleaning phase(uninstall application, clear user data and settings)

              Pricing Plans

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                How WeTest Live Testing Works

                Choose Device
                Time taken: 1 minute
                Choose Your Device

                Choose target testing device with different device model and os version.

                Execute the Test
                Time taken: 1 minute
                Billing Method

                Choose metered or unmetered plan for live testing.

                Upload Your App

                Upload your App manually. support .aab, .apk, .ipa.

                Start Test

                Install the test App on the device, and remotely debug the cloud real machine through ADB.

                Problem Analysis
                Time taken: 1 minute
                Test Process Review

                Download the complete test process screenshots and logs to help you efficiently analyze problems.

                Problem Location Analysis

                Download complete system logs and application logs to locate bugs.


                • What is the privacy policy of information and data generated by the user when using the real device?

                  After the user finishes using the real device, we will format and clear all the information and data generated by the user to ensure privacy and security.

                • Do you offer devices with pre-release OS versions of Android?

                • Can I access mobile cellular? Not just WiFi, but 4G and 5G networks?

                • Can I send SMS text messages?

                • Can I change the device’s time and date?

                • If I run a test on the public real device cloud, can I run it over ssh or a VPN?

                • Have the real devices been jailbroken/rooted?

                • Can I change or choose the OS on the devices?

                • Do you support simulators or real devices?

                • How does WeTest manage the cleaning of devices?

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