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    Online Sharing of Device Resources

    Collaborative device access can be available across teams and regions. Efficient sharing of scattered and scarce resources across geographies and multiple teams.

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    Automation Platform Construction

    The construction of automation platform to improve the efficiency of R&D and testing. Companies rely on manual testing and need to build automated platform capabilities or conduct large-scale and efficient testing.

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    Private Platform

    Quickly build a private platform to avoid information security risks. Meet the high confidentiality requirements of data and environment and optimize tests in your CI/CD pipeline.

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    Efficient sharing of multiple types of local devices

    One-click device access and sharing. Support access to multiple types of devices. Support flexible device management.

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    The Ultimate Smooth SaaS Experience

    Ultra HD image quality, smooth debugging experience, rich debugging tools. Stable and efficient execution of automation testing.

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    Quickly build a private platform or enhance existing abilities

    SaaS services are deployed privately to meet confidentiality and locally requirements. Each module can be individually integrated into the existing platform or integrated into CI/CD pipeline to expand capabilities.

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    Quickly write scripts and build mobile automation test

    APP automated testing framework. Automated testing framework for handheld games. Script recording and playback tool.

UDT Product Architecture


UDT Product Solution

Real Device
Automated Testing
Scripting Tool-WA for VScode
Device Access

Low latency (30 to 150ms), ultra-clear picture quality (30 to 60Fps), low resource usage (CPU usage of the front-end is less than 1%). A full range of debugging tools to facilitate locating problems, saving more than 30 minutes on a single bug positioning.

Industry's first Android/iOS visual file manager, 80% more efficient device file operation. Android & iOS WDB remote debugging tool.

      • Provide stable and efficient execution of automated tests to help users run compatibility, functional, and performance testing according to different scenarios.

        Support more than 10+ mainstream testing frameworks. Personalized task configuration,flexible and diverse ways to start the test and detailed reports.

          • Integrate the automated testing system into the VScode R&D workflow. Lightweight form with no perceived performance footprint.

            Improve the efficiency of script editing and lower the scripting threshold . Rich code templates and flexible catalog arrangement.

              • Low-cost, flexible and high-stability private deployment solutions. Local devices can be accessed at any time to enhance the utilization rate of scattered devices. One-click for easy access to devices to UDT by using UDT Desktop.

                A fully customizable app-testing infrastructure and dedicated devices in a dedicated environment. 24/7-Private device cloud, maximum device coverage, custom testing environments and device configuration and enterprise-grade security.

                  Getting Started

                  Service Deployment
                  Fast software deployment

                  Fast software deployment, flexible docking, and out-of-the-box use

                  Flexible hardware deployment methods

                  Flexible combination of hardware deployment methods: proprietary cloud devices/Scattered access

                  Multiple types of devices

                  Support for multiple types of devices

                  Device Access and Management
                  Device access

                  Easy device access

                  System access device

                  Support Windows/Linux/macOS System access device


                  Scientific management, flexible scheduling, convenient operation and maintenance

                  Task Execution

                  Real device remote debugging

                  Automated testing

                  Automated testing

                  Issue Trackback

                  Real device real-time debugging analysis


                  Automated testing report statistics

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