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1Live Testing: A Comprehensive Guide to Real-World Application Validation In the competitive world of software development, ensuring the reliability and performance of applications in real-world environments is crucial.
2What is Crowd Sourcing and its Types? This post is a basic explanation to the question of what is crowd sourcing and how many types of such sourcing techniques exist in the current software development world.
3The Importance and Benefits of Functional Testing in Software Development In this article, we'll explore why functional testing is essential in today's rapidly changing software development industry, the benefits of automated functional testing, and how the integration of AI and ML technologies will shape the future of functional testing.
4Efficient Testing Strategies: Optimizing Your Test Automation Process This article explores various testing strategies that can help optimize your test automation process, including leveraging database calls, optimizing cross-browser testing, streamlining CI/CD builds, automated unit testing, parallel testing, and following best practices.
5What Are Software Testing Methodologies and Main Types This article describes different types of testing methods that can be used during the software testing phase.