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1Performance Testing Metrics: What Exactly Does It Contain? Performance testing metrics are essential aspects to consider in a performance testing report. The objective of performance testing is to obtain relevant data about server performance under high user and data loads, analyze system bottlenecks, and enhance system stability.
2Understanding External Storage Features and Implementation Across Various Android Versions External storage, as an important component often encountered in development, has undergone numerous significant changes in various Android versions.
3Guide to Confirmation Testing: Concepts, Features, Pros & Cons Confirmation testing, also known as retesting, is one of the software testing techniques that ensure the software is error-free and guarantee the delivery of high-quality final products.
4Benefits and Best Practices of Cloud Mobile Testing In this article, we will discuss the benefits of cloud-based mobile app testing, how to run cloud-based mobile testing, and best practices to consider when selecting a cloud-based mobile testing solution.
5Test Script vs Test Case | Comparison, Benefits, and More In this blog post, we will talk about the topic of test script vs test case and their significance. A test case is all of the information that needs to be gathered, planned, implemented, and verified to create a complete metric.