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1A Comprehensive Overview of Essential Software Testing Types In this article, we will provide a concise overview of various software testing types, highlighting their differences and characteristics.
2Mastering VR Game Testing: Tips and Benefits of Outsourcing In this article, we will discuss the five main stages of VR game testing and provide five key tips for testing VR games.
3Most Common Challenges In Automation Testing & Their Solutions Automation testing can help you deploy the software but before that it is necessary to overcome common challenges in automation testing. Below we will highlight some of those challenges.
4How To Become A QA Tester: Job Introduction and Skill Explanation In this blog, we will introduce you to: • What is QA testing and what is a QA tester • The difference between a QA tester and a software tester • How to become a QA tester
5The Challenges and Illusions of Developing AAA Games —— Part 1 There is an interesting phenomenon that major projects often encounter difficulties in completion, or they may take many years, like a bottomless pit, attracting companies to continuously invest, but with slow progress.