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1Continuous Performance Testing: An Ultimate Guide 2023 Eager to learn more about continuous performance testing? This method involves testing every code update and eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming manual performance tests. This article will explain what continuous testing is, and its benefits. Keep scanning to figure it out.
2Why is Mobile App Automation Testing Important and How It's Done? In this article, we will talk about why mobile app automation testing is so important in the current industry and all the aspects which one needs to consider before doing so along with our recommendation for automating your app testing.
3What are unit tests & what is their significance? What are unit tests? Why are they so important and whom do they serve? these are the most common questions being searched for the basic testing of software. This is why this post focuses on all the basic knowledge one needs to, master before jumping into these testing techniques.
4Top Reasons Why Bugs and Defects Leak into Production Despite Efforts by Testers There are various contributing factors that can lead to such issues. Below are the top reasons why bugs/defects may leak into production despite efforts by testers to identify them.
5Windows 11 Compatibility Issues with Games | Overview Try out different graphics game settings in Windows 11 as you transition to learn how to overcome windows 11 compatibility issues with games and make the experience as smooth as possible.