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1Test Automation Frameworks, their Types & Features in Software Testing This article talks about test automation frameworks and their types in the industry. Read till the end to learn this very basic concept of software testing scenarios.
2Appium Desired Capabilities: What Are They and How to Launch? Appium desired capabilities can help us modify the behavior of the server during automation. Understanding and learning how to use it is important for app automation testing. In this blog, we will dive into this concept.
3Test Plan Vs Test Strategy? | A Comprehensive Explanation One of the most common queries we get from our clients is the comparison of test plan vs test strategy and how it differs in terms of advantages and application in the software development world. Let us find out everything about the two in our explanation here.
4What are the Benefits of Continuous Integration (CI) The benefits of continuous integration are countless. CI is critical and significant for software teams. Learn what are the advantages of it in this post.
5Setting the Stage for Success: The Crucial Objectives of the Test Plan Test plans and objectives of test plans are extremely important for any software development project. This article explores that.