• WeTest PerfDog Tutorial

    Among the global users of WeTest PerfDog, there are many influential reviewers. In this video, Damian has introduced the tutorial of WeTest PerfDog. Learn how to track FPS on iOS and Android devices with WeTest PerfDog!

  • The new global version of WeTest PerfDog is officially released, featuring the highly anticipated compatibility with the iOS 17 system. Welcome to experience our new version!

  • WeTest

    Provide Team Collaboration Services

    No matter when and where your team is, you are able to set up tasks, and invite team members to join the task. The tool also supports to share and review the completion of team tasks, in order to form an effective team-working pattern.

  • WeTest

    Various Performance Data

    We provide data on Screenshot, FPS, Jank, FTime, CPU, GPU, Memory, Battery, Network, CTime, and more, making it easily accessible to you. The tool's impact on performance is less than 1%, which ensures the accuracy of the performance data.

  • WeTest

    Powerful But Easy To Use

    No need of installation, PerfDog's plug-and-play solution reduces tedious testing barriers, so that examiners are able to concentrate on the test progress and analysis. Support for all applications, games, mini programs, mini games, H5, websites, and more.

  • WeTest

    Support Secondary Development

    You can perform secondary development based on PerfDogService, and perform non-embedded (APP does not need to integrate SDK) automated performance testing services and cloud testing performance services. It supports mainstream automation frameworks.

Popular Products

  • PerfDog
    What Can PerfDog Do?
    A tool of testing and analyzing the performance of full mobile platform (iOS/Android). Quickly locating and analyzing the performance issues, improving the performance and quality of apps and games. No need of ROOT/Jailbreak on the phone. No need of extra settings in mobile hardware, games and apps. Extremely simplified, a plug-and-play testing tool.
    PerfDog's 8 Features
    Full Platform. No ROOT/Jailbreak. Data Accuracy. Data Integrality. Application Universality. Tool Usability. Cloud-based dashboard. Team-work Ability.
  • PerfDog Service
    What is PerfDog Service?
    PerfDogService is a PerfDog service component. Users can develop their own PerfDog performance tools or automation services based on the Service component.
    What Service Does PerfDog Service Provide?
    PerfDogService can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The customized and integrated data panels with internal quality platforms are displayed on web. Users develop their own tools and build performance monitoring locally. Services such as automation and cloud testing are provided.

Application Scenarios

Game R&D Period
Operation Period

With performance optimization as the focus of work, solving performance problems such as lag, crashes, and long response time has become a compulsory course for most application developers.

During the R&D phase, the client performance test should be accessed and the performance test of each development version be saved in order to verify and optimize the issues found by the test on similar Cloud Device models. Daily integrated server performance testing to ensure stable performance and adequate preparation for going live.

      • Performance problems will directly affect the user experience and serious problems will lead to the loss of many users; it is difficult for the project team to obtain online performance data of competing products to compare performance; after discovering performance problems online, it is difficult to obtain engine layer function information. A lack of optimization suggestions have become obstacles to performance optimization.

        Engine layer data can be obtained through deep performance testing to help identify performance issues and optimize performance based on optimization recommendations. At the same time, the project team can use the general performance test to obtain performance data of competing products to compare performance.

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            Getting Started

            Pre-Sales Requirements Communication
            Time taken: One working day
            Business Communication

            Confirm test intention according to customer needs and sign test agreement.

            Pre-Sales Communication

            Customize different service solutions according to business needs.

            Requirements Analysis
            Time taken: One working day
            Use Case Design

            Under the premise of sufficient product experience, analyze the customer's actual business and product architecture to enhance the custom use case design

            Run Test
            Time taken: One working day
            Debugging Scenarios

            Debug each use case and context scenario.

            Debug Each Use Case and Context Scenario

            Supports Android, iOS, and mobile platforms; in-depth and accurate analysis of game resource issues and performance bottlenecks.

            Write Report
            Time taken: One working day
            Tencent Peer Report

            Write a detailed test report based on the test results.

            Report Analysis

            Analyze whether client performance meets customer expectations and offer a basic solution.

            Time taken: One working day
            Report acceptance

            Customer accepts the report, service is complete.

            Customer review

            Everything is based on user satisfaction.



            • For a free account number, how long can the data be retained?

              e support displaying the last 2,000 data items of a user. For a free account, the data records are usually retained for one year.

            • Whether it supports viewing data from a mobile terminal?

            • The page shows abnormality, is the content incorrect? Is the problem because automatic translation i

            • Why is data uploaded from the client, but is invisible to the WEB login?

            • Windows platform failed to boot PerfDog?

            • Not compatible with automatic test platform?

            • It pops up various prompts, but cannot be used at all.

            • Cannot delete PerfDog folder?

            • Mac prompts malicious software?

            • Why did it prompt “Failed to connect” in Wi-Fi test mode?

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