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Importance Of Performance Testing

Performance testing is a type of quality assurance testing that can determine if the software meets speed, scalability and stability demands under expected conditions.

Types of Performance Testing

We have introduced importance of performance testing in the last article. There are different types of performance tests that can be applied during software testing. So now let us take a closer look at the performance testing methods.

Differences Between Manual and Automation Testing

Both Manual and Automation Testing have pros and cons, and choosing between these two depends on the project requirements, time and so on. After you read these differences between manual and automation testing, which one do you prefer? Manual Testing or Automation Testing?

The one-stop platform for all your quality assurance needs

How comprehensive testing can help you get ahead in a crowded market?

Best Practices for Application Performance Testing

Performance testing measures the processing speed, bandwidth, reliability, and scalability of application under some load. There are several best practices that can help you improve its overall effectiveness. Here are five best practices for conducting effective performance testing.

A Comprehensive Guide on Automated Testing

With the development of technology, the importance of software tools is rapidly increasing for individuals and businesses. The smooth and fail-proof functioning of the software is very critical, as a large number of people depend on them.

Tips to Overcome Test Automation Challenges

Automation testing is a highly effective tool that could speed up the software testing procedure and lead to a boost in productivity, In our last article, we have pointed out some of the common challeges in test automation.

Top Four Challenges in Test Automation

Automation testing is a testing technique to test and compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. It is an essential subset of software testing. However, there are many challenges in applying test automation for applications under test.

Performance testing tool:How to choose the right one for you

Performance testing tools are crucial for optimizing applications, games and so on. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available, selecting the best one is another challenge. Let us find out what we need to take into consideration when choose the right performance testing tool.

Why Cloud-based test automation So Popular?

Cloud-based test automation is an approach to software development that utilizes cloud technology to speed up testing and software releases. From game development to machine learning projects and even automation testing, everything is on the cloud.
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