WeTest Real Device Testing, A Comprehensive Cloud Mobile Testing Platform

WeTest is a leading provider of cloud-based mobile testing solutions that revolutionizes the way mobile applications are tested, ensuring superior quality assurance through testing on real devices.

WeTest Real Device Testing, the leading provider of cloud mobile testing solutions, revolutionizes the way mobile applications are tested and ensures superior quality assurance.

Customer Pain Points:

1) Cost and Resource Intensive: Establishing a comprehensive in-house testing device lab requires significant investment in manpower and finances, resulting in high upfront costs.

2) Incomplete Device Coverage: Inability to cover the diverse range of devices used by target users in the market, leading to limited test coverage and potential user experience issues.

3) Low Device Utilization: Underutilization of testing devices, resulting in wasted resources and inefficient testing processes.

WeTest's cloud-based real device testing solution leverages actual devices, allowing users to remotely debug games and applications and improve their quality. We offer both public and private cloud options to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Device Coverage
WeTest boasts a comprehensive range of mobile devices from major global brands, with thousands of real devices available. It provides the most extensive coverage of mainstream devices in the Chinese market, ensuring thorough testing and compatibility.

Remote Testing
You can test anytime, anywhere, without the limitations of physical testing environments. WeTest enables remote testing, eliminating geographical constraints and optimizing productivity. It can simulate user scenarios with features such as remote debugging, screen capturing, device operations, IP/GPS manipulation, and more. Replicate real user experiences to identify and resolve issues effectively.

Easy To Use
With our user-friendly testing platform, there are no barriers to entry. Simply purchase and start testing immediately, eliminating the need for extensive preparations. Our cloud-based approach significantly reduces costs associated with purchasing and maintaining devices, enabling businesses to allocate resources more efficiently. Moreover, WeTest facilitates collaborative testing, allowing multiple team members to work simultaneously on different device models.

Experience the benefits of the WeTest Real Device Cloud. Optimize your testing processes, reduce costs, and improve the quality of your mobile games and apps. 

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