What Is WeTest Automation Used For

WeTest automation performs mobile automation tests in popular frameworks against real Android and iOS devices. It supports more scripting languages, testing frameworks and submission methods, the products can be customized, privatized by customer's requirement.

In this article, we will discuss what is WeTest automation used for.

What Is WeTest Automation Used For

Compatibility Testing

Providing a consistent app experience across devices is critical. Users expect instant, seamless interactions. Device compatibility issues are more prevalent on Android devices due to many different hardwares and operation systems. With the help of WeTest Automation, development teams can debug and fix compatibility issues easily.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is the process of validating functionality of a software application. Pass or fail is the result of a functional test, use it to figure out a feature works as designed or it does not. With the help of WeTest Automation, functional testing can become a more efficient and repeatable process.

Performance Testing

Failing to do performance testing leads to a greater risk of negative consequences, including bad customer experience and loss of reputation and sales. Poor performance is one of the top three reasons people uninstall apps. In WeTest Automation, testers can get performance data easily.(CPU, GPU,Memory....).

Regression Testing

Regression testing makes sure that code changes don’t break anything. It catches bugs early on in new builds. Regression testing can be time consuming. But WeTest Automation save busy teams time. It also eliminates regression testing downtime by knowing why tests failed and fix them quickly with Test Analysis.

How WeTest Automation Works

You could prepare Test ,Create test,submit the test just as the picture below shows:


Bottom Line

WeTest was established in 2014, Since its founding, it has quickly grown to become a trusted one-stop testing service platform for many companies worldwide. WeTest automation will help you troubleshoot issues in the whole development and operations lifecycle.

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