Common Issues Concerning CrashSight Integration and Reporting in Android


1 How to view the Logcat log of CrashSight during development?

To view the Logcat log during development, refer to the parameter configurations and set the debugging mode to True during initialization.

2 Why does one user report hundreds of crashes in one day? Does it cost a lot of the user’s data?

CrashSight has a data cap for reports from a single user. It will keep reporting until the cap is reached, ensuring all relevant data is captured for analysis.

3 Does every version need a symbol table?

Yes, every version of your app needs a symbol table, which helps CrashSight map memory addresses to function names, file names, and line numbers.

4 Will reporting be affected if no symbol table is configured? How will it be affected?

Not configuring a symbol table doesn't affect reporting. However, only the original crash stack will be displayed on the webpage, which doesn't help much in locating the issue.

5 Why are crashes not reported after SDK Integration?

     - Verify the AppId.

     - Ensure SDK initialization occurred before crashes.

     - Check internet connectivity.

     - If crashes were reported during testing but ceased, should you uninstall and retest the app due to CrashSight's data protection mechanism?

     - In release mode, note that reporting is limited to one report every 30 seconds and one report for the same stack.

     - Ensure no third-party crash detection components (e.g., Firebase, Facebook, Google Mobile Ads) are causing compatibility issues.

     - Check if the app was killed by the system due to insufficient memory, which often occurs on low-end devices and is preceded by severe lags.

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