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1Challenges and Importance of Performance Testing for Mobile Applications This article discusses the importance of performance testing for mobile applications and the common challenges encountered during the process.
2What Is Sanity Checklist and Why Do You Need It A sanity checklist serves as a software tester's guide, helping streamline testing efforts and effectively prioritize tasks. This article examines the concept of software testing reliability checklists and discusses the importance of using such checklists to ensure thorough and reliable testing.
3Comprehensive Compatibility Testing Solution by WeTest How WeTest solves compatibility testing challenges and its advantages
4The Essential Role of Testing in the Booming Mobile Gaming Industry This article explores the importance of testing in the growing mobile gaming industry, including special considerations when testing mobile games and various types of testing crucial to assess the quality of games and eliminate potential problems.
5What are CI/CD Environments? | Benefits and Significance In this post, we will talk about one of the most talked about questions what are CI/CD, and how they are important in a software organization. Everything from basics to advanced level is discussed here.