What is a Best Practice when Approaching an Automation Effort?

One of the most common questions we get from our readers is "what is a best practice when approaching an automation effort" and how to maximize the results. In this article, we will talk about all such practices and other related concepts along with our recommendations.


It can be challenging to automate test processes. It frequently becomes challenging to maintain developer productivity while automating tests using multiple technologies. Coming up with testing automation strategies and frameworks also requires thought, creativity, and effort. Choosing best practices for automated testing is crucial in a variety of ways. They aid in the creation of a clear, readable, & maintainable automated test suite. Without them, maintaining the entire test suite or fixing bugs in the tests would take a lot of time.

Continuous Integration is the way to go!

When it comes to selecting the best automation practice and answering the question of What is a Best Practice when Approaching an Automation Effort, we can right away say that continuous integration is the best method for producing a bug-free environment. You can ensure high-quality code and a satisfying user experience by incorporating test automation into your continuous integration (CI) workflow. Reduced deployment times and improved team communication are two benefits of continuous integration. However, Continuous integration can become an even more effective tool when used in conjunction with a framework for test automation, giving developers quick feedback on the quality of their code, functional errors, and other issues.

Automating testing processes has become more crucial as businesses try to remain competitive. However, it is essential to first comprehend the various testing techniques & how to use them with various software applications before implementing test automation. A clear roadmap from beginning to end is also necessary to ensure the successful integration of test automation. Finally, exercise patience! Rome wasn't built in a day, & test automation will not produce significant results right away.

Mind the business line:

Creating a baseline for your testing schedule is one of the most crucial aspects of the entire test automation. A baseline is a list of requirements that your tests must satisfy to be valid. Code coverage, performance, & functional accuracy are a few examples of this. It can be very difficult to tell if your tests are performing as planned without a proper baseline. And if they aren't, you might waste time and energy on tests that don't raise the caliber of your software.

Streamlining with UI:

Making tests resistant to UI changes is one of the most important decisions you have to take when it comes to testing automation. During the early development stages, the software's user interface is likely to change frequently & this is particularly crucial for automation. Reverse engineering the process by which automated software recognizes objects is one way to accomplish this. These programs typically identify objects based on their coordinates. However, it becomes much simpler for automated software testing to run tests successfully without changing names every time if you give controls permanent & distinctive names. Overall, this is a crucial best practice for test automation that can help you avoid time-consuming mistakes like test failure.

Select a reliable Automation Tool:

Another significant aspect to answer the question of “what is a best practice when approaching an automation effort” is that test automation software in the current market is not crafted equally. Additionally, some tools are better suited for particular test types than others. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a testing tool that is appropriate for the task at hand. We recommend using cloud-based state-of-the-art testing services from WeTest which feature support for more than 1000+ real devices from Android and iOS platforms. It also features integration with the most popular CI/CD tools to trigger automated tests with each build action. Moreover, clients get all test results in one view and can debug their mobile app using logs, video recordings, screenshots, case analysis, device analyses, and performance analysis.

The most important best practice you can follow when it comes to testing automation is possibly hiring a team of experts or a talented automation engineer. Even though it should be obvious, some businesses still try to do things themselves. For instance, they might assign an internal employee who must juggle their regular work with learning testing, or they might hire developers with little to no QA experience and ask them to learn the ins and outs of testing. The result is consistently the same: hiring an expert saves time and money.

Wrapping Up:

It is essential to automate every test that is involved in the testing cycle, but it's equally important to automate tests effectively with the proper tools. In our attempt to answer the question "what is a best practice when approaching an automation effort", we can now state that best practices for test automation can pave the way for how to efficiently automate tests without wasting time. 

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