Revolutionize Your Mobile App Testing with Real Device Cloud

This article will discuss the benefits of Real Device Cloud and how WeTest's Live Testing service can help businesses achieve success.


In today's mobile-first world, ensuring the quality of mobile applications is crucial for businesses to succeed. With an ever-growing number of mobile devices and configurations, app developers face challenges in providing a seamless user experience across all devices. Real Device Cloud provides a solution by offering a wide range of mobile devices for app testing without the need for additional hardware or maintenance costs.

This article will discuss the benefits of Real Device Cloud and how WeTest's Live Testing service can help businesses achieve success.

What is a Real Device Cloud?

That is a very accurate description of what a Real Device Cloud is. By enabling access to a wide range of mobile devices with different configurations and operating systems, real device cloud helps organizations provide their customers with better quality applications that are compatible across devices, platforms and geographies.


Using automated testing in these environments results in unbounded test duration, reduced costs and a more efficient delivery pipeline for application development by providing wider coverage (considering the ever-increasing amount of mobile devices used worldwide). Additionally, app vulnerabilities, hidden bugs and issues related to battery consumption can be mitigated effectively given the extensive device real-time monitoring features available in these testing environments.

Real Device Cloud's Benefits

Increased Test Coverage: With veritable device options provided by the cloud, enterprises can have access to a plethora of mobile devices without having to incur additional inventory or maintenance expenses.

Reduced Time to Market: The ability to collaborate seamlessly, test in parallel at scale, and leverage continuous integration/continuous deployment pipelines using cloud offerings supports quicker release cycles to market verses on-premise solutions.

Access to Real-Time Analytics: Real device clouds typically offer access reports on app behavior like screen time, processing bandwidth usage, battery consumption, memory utilization, and other performance metrics. These analytics help in bringing out actionable insights for targeted improvements in software development lifecycles.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: Real device clouds render access to secure and compliant testing environments to organizations which seek to comply with regulations concerning data privacy and protection best practices.

Cost-effective: Enterprises don't need to procure, maintain, update or eliminate devices when using real device clouds. Cloud providers also support various pricing models that cater to customer preferences and budgets.

How WeTest Real Device (Live Testing) Helps You Achieve Business Success?

WeTest Live Testing allows testers to see how the app will behave when a real user uses it and provides assurance that app works correctly to ensure a smooth experience for all users.

WeTest Live Testing Features

1. Maximum real device market coverage

You could test on thousands of Android and iOS real devices including iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Vivo, Pixel with different screens and OS versions.

2. Test Dev and Published Apps

WeTest Live Testing allows you upload and test on your dev APK/AAB/IPA files. It is also allowed to install production apps from Play Store/App Store.

3. Real-time Debugging

You could debug your app instantly, view device logs, inspect UI element, and use stacktrace to find and fix bugs easily.

4. ADB Command Debugging

It has easily access to Android cloud devices directly from adb shell which could help you ship quality apps even faster.

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Real Device Cloud offers a cost-effective solution for app developers to test their apps on a vast variety of devices, reducing time-to-market and enhancing user experience. WeTest's Live Testing service provides real-time debugging features and unlimited testing minutes, enabling businesses to ensure the quality of their mobile apps across different platforms and devices.

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