Unlocking Testing Possibilities with WeTest Real Devices Cloud

WeTest Real Device Cloud offers a wide range of compelling advantages that address the challenges faced by developers in testing their applications and games.

Industry Trends:

In the pursuit of internationalization, major application and game developers aim to reach users in various countries and regions worldwide. This requires comprehensive testing on devices that cater to local users. Each country has its own user habits, and the market share of mobile devices varies greatly. It is challenging for developers to test different country-specific devices using limited device models.

Business Challenges:

Setting up a comprehensive testing device laboratory entails substantial requirements in terms of manpower, financial resources, and upfront investment. However, despite such efforts, it remains challenging to achieve complete coverage of the diverse device landscape in the user market. Furthermore, the low utilization of devices often results in wastage of valuable resources.

WeTest Real Device Cloud, based on actual devices, offers online integrated services that enable users to debug applications and games, thereby enhancing their quality. It provides both public and dedicated cloud options to cater to the diverse needs of developers.

Core Advantages of WeTest Real Device Cloud:

WeTest Real Device Cloud offers a wide range of compelling advantages that address the challenges faced by developers in testing their applications and games.

One of its key strengths is its extensive device coverage, encompassing a complete range of mobile device models from leading global brands. With tens of thousands of real mobile devices available, it boasts the most comprehensive coverage of mainstream devices in the Chinese market among similar services. This ensures that users can thoroughly test their products on a diverse array of devices.

Another significant benefit is the flexibility it provides in testing. Users are not limited by testing locations, enabling them to conduct tests anytime and anywhere. Moreover, WeTest Real Device Cloud excels in simulating real user scenarios. It offers features such as remote debugging, screenshot capturing, manual operations, IP and GPS manipulation, and more. These functions allow users to replicate actual user experiences, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of their testing.

The platform also facilitates fast issue reproduction and localization. Detailed device logs enable quick identification of application issues, streamlining the debugging process and accelerating bug fixes.

Furthermore, WeTest Real Device Cloud offers a dedicated cloud option, exclusively providing Android and iOS devices for individual users. This dedicated environment ensures optimal device utilization and can be expanded based on specific business needs.

In addition to these features, WeTest offers the UDT+ Real Device Cloud product combination, which provides intelligent automated testing and efficient management of device clusters in a comprehensive solution.

Choosing WeTest brings numerous benefits. It has a low entry barrier, requiring no preparation, allowing users to start utilizing the service immediately. This eliminates the need for upfront investments in devices and infrastructure, resulting in cost reduction. Moreover, collaborative testing among multiple users and device models enhances R&D testing efficiency, ultimately accelerating time-to-market for products.

With WeTest Real Device Cloud, developers can overcome testing challenges, achieve comprehensive device coverage, and elevate the quality of their applications and games.

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