How To Get 120 FPS on PS5 | Overview


The turning point in the world of gaming is going through the steps on how to get 120 FPS on PS5, which has increased attention in the gamer's community. With the appearance of the PlayStation 5 (PS5), players have high hopes that they can play some titles at 120 FPS (frames per second) to make everything look very smooth. However, reaching a high frame rate that will enhance the player's gameplay is never an easy task. The optimization and testing strategies employed in the game development process ensure smoother gameplay and the desired FPS can be achieved.

Understanding the PS5 Hardware

PS5 Hardware Specifications

To understand how to get 120 FPS on PS5, it is important to look into the PS5's hardware specifications. The console is fitted with an 8-core processor and a 10.2-teraflop RDNA 2 GPU, which provides impressive graphics performance. Another advantage of PS5 is that it has an 825GB SSD and 16GB DDR6 memory, providing other necessary tools for gaming optimization.

Utilizing the GPU's Capabilities

The PS5 includes a graphical processing unit with outstanding hardware specifications, which serves as a good starting point to get a 120 FPS frame rate. However, optimizing the game's code and assets is a crucial task to bring out the full power of the GPU. Game engineers develop a roadmap for rendering pipelines while looking for bottlenecks and sections for optimization. This includes assessing the rendering methods and their influence on game performance as well as the complexity level, leading to choosing the most efficient approach.

Optimization Techniques

Asset Optimization

Game assets comprise textures, models, and animations. The optimization of these assets may greatly affect performance and ensure that the gameplay achieves a 120 FPS rate. Console game testers meticulously check these assets and uncover performance efficiency solutions, such as compression approaches, level-of-detail (LOD) implementations, and other optimization strategies. This not only improves frame rates but also limits memory consumption and loading screen time.

Resource Management

Managing the PS5 hardware with regards to CPU cores, GPU compute units, and memory bandwidth is essential for optimizing performance and achieving the desired frame rate. Ensuring efficient utilization of system resources is one of the major objectives of testers who work with developers to implement techniques such as multi-threading, asynchronous computing, and effective memory management.

Performance Testing and Optimization

Identifying Performance Issues

Console game testers play a crucial role in finding and fixing bugs that appear during the gaming process. This includes performing thorough testing in all aspects, such as different conditions and settings, and possibly spotting frame rate drops or stuttering. Testers work to troubleshoot and fix these issues with developers to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience for gamers.

Tendency to Select Either Visual Fidelity or Frame Rate

Having games running at 120 FPS is not the ultimate goal for all PS5 games. Certain titles may focus on visual fidelity compared to a stable frame rate, presenting more detailed graphics and effects at a lower but stable frame rate. In these cases, game testers strive to make the game performance consistent and minimize time variation between frames to provide a smooth gaming experience.

Collaboration and Testing Methodologies

One of the essential steps on how to get 120 FPS on PS5 and achieve good PS5 gaming performance is the cooperation of game testers with console developers. Developers and testers work hand-in-hand, and their collaboration makes it possible to detect and eliminate bottlenecks, especially with testers' insights and optimization suggestions. To guarantee extensive testing and accurate results in console game testing, console game testers utilize different testing methodologies and tools. These activities encompass performance profiles, load testing, stress testing, and the automation of testing frameworks.

Through the employment of such tools and approaches, experts can promptly detect and solve performance problems, allowing developers to improve in specific areas. At WeTest, the leader in console performance testing services, the team provides full-fledged console game testing solutions for game developers and testers. The console game testing team comprises seasoned testers/QA professionals who perform in-depth performance testing on console devices and collect performance data such as FPS, CPU, GPU, Memory usage, etc. to improve gameplay.


The quest to get 120 FPS on PS5 is a highly complex procedure that involves understanding the console's hardware fully, employing efficient optimization techniques, and practicing thorough testing methods. Console game testers, jointly with the development team, find bugs, manage resources effectively, and ensure that players encounter an uninterrupted and seamless gaming experience with a good frame rate on PS5.

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