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1Difference Between Functional and Non Functional Testing Functional and non functional testing techniques are the fundamentals for every software engineer and tester. In this article, we will break down the basics and their differences.
2Common Mistakes In Performance Testing to Avoid Performance testing is a type of non-functional testing that assesses the speed, stability and responsiveness of a system while it is under a certain load, it is a highly-complex undertaking.
3The Five Essential Qualities of a Great Software Tester In this article, we will discuss the five essential qualities that make a great software tester.
4The definition of automation test planning strategy and how to create it Automated testing has become a popular technique in software development to ensure the quality and stability of software applications. automated testing strategies are important to reduce the workload of manual testing while improving test coverage and efficiency.
5What is CI/CD & How Does It Work? | Basic Concepts and Structure Wondering about the basic concepts of what is CI/CD and how it works? This article is a one-stop knowledge pager for everyone interested in learning professional skills.