Common Issues Concerning CrashSight Integration and Reporting in Windows and Game Engines


Windows SDK Integration and Reporting

What to check if crashes cannot be reported?

    - Ensure the dll has been properly loaded.

    - Verify that the setTQMConfig function has been executed.

    - Check if the crashes are supported by CrashSight (throw and raise crashes are not supported).

    - Confirm if any TQM Center.exe process is running after initialization.

    - Check if the content of TQM64/GameBabyConfig.dat matches the GameBabyConfig.dat in the same directory as the dll.

    - If no dmp file was generated under TQM64/dump after the crash, check steps 1-3.

    - If a dmp file was generated but no reporting is seen on the "Crash Analysis" page, check steps 4-5.

    - If none of the above applies, add the <LogOutput>appid</LogOutput> configuration to the two configuration files, replacing "appid" with the project appid. Run the app to cause a crash and send the log files in the two GBLog folders to CrashSight developers for manual assistance.

Unity SDK

Why can't C# exceptions be detected and reported after initializing SDK?

    - Check if other logics have registered Application.RegisterLogCallback(LogCallback). You can call the CrashSightAgent.RegisterLogCallback(CrashSightAgent.LogCallbackDelegate) method to replace the registration of log callback.

    - Ensure the SDK component of the corresponding platform has been integrated into the project.

    - Verify if the crashes for testing have been detected by the code.

Unreal SDK

Why isn't FAndroidMisc::RequestExit detected?

    - UE's default handling considers FAndroidMisc::RequestExit as a proper quitting in Android, not a crash. To detect and report it in iOS, edit the UE source code to change the exit call to an abort call. iOS uses abort by default, allowing detection and reporting

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