How to Determine the Performance Standards for Your Apps and Games?


Many developers often ask, "What are the performance standards for my games and apps? What size of CPU and memory is appropriate?" The truth is, it's not a one-size-fits-all answer. The CPU and memory usage can vary greatly among different types of apps, games, and device models. It's challenging to establish a universal standard.

For instance, let's consider memory usage:

  • On the Android platform, there's no specific limit for individual processes. As long as the Virtual Memory doesn't exceed the process address space (usually 4G) and the system's free RAM isn't lower than the LKM, the process won't encounter an Out of Memory (OOM) issue.
  • On the iOS platform, it's a bit more complex as there are resource limitations for processes. It's related to the single process Footprint Limit (for 1G memory, maxFootprint=650MB; for 2G memory, maxFootprint=1400MB) and the system's free RAM.

Theoretically, as long as your game or app doesn't experience OOM, it's acceptable regardless of the memory usage. However, in reality, high memory usage can affect the device's memory and performance. The smaller, the better.

So, what exactly are the performance standards for your app or game?

We recommend benchmarking against your competitors' apps or games (you can directly test and view this using PerfDog).

Note: In the future, PerfDog will provide reference standards for various types of apps and games.

Understanding the performance standards for your apps and games is crucial for optimization. By benchmarking against competitors and leveraging tools like PerfDog, you can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to enhance your app or game's performance.

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