WeTest's PC Testing Capability: Elevating Game Quality to New Heights

This article introduces WeTest's PC testing capabilities, including functional testing, compatibility testing, and client performance testing, highlighting their significance in guaranteeing an exceptional gaming experience.

In the rapidly evolving world of PC gaming, ensuring the quality, performance, and compatibility of games on various platforms is of paramount importance. WeTest, a leading testing and quality assurance provider, offers a comprehensive suite of PC testing capabilities to ensure that games meet the highest standards before reaching the hands of gamers. This article introduces WeTest's PC testing capabilities, including functional testing, compatibility testing, and client performance testing, highlighting their significance in guaranteeing an exceptional gaming experience.

Functional Testing: Validate Game Features, Ensure Game Quality

WeTest's functional testing capability is designed to verify the expected game features on the PC platform, ensuring that the game meets the required quality standards. This involves a series of tests encompassing various aspects of the game, including full functional tests, component tests, event tests, and payment tests, among others. The main goal is to identify and rectify any issues that may affect the game's functionality and user experience.

Functional Testing Solutions: WeTest employs a systematic approach to validate game features according to the Game Design Document (GDD) on PC platforms. This process ensures that game features are thoroughly examined to guarantee game quality. The testing scope covers a wide range of areas, including: Full Functional Testing, Component Testing, Payment Testing, Games Updates Testing, Game Events Testing, Game Store Testing, Network Testing, Stability Testing, etc.

Key Features of Functional Testing

Customization: WeTest offers customized testing solutions based on the specific requirements of each game. This tailored approach ensures that the unique aspects of the game are adequately tested.

Agility: WeTest's testing process is designed for quick response and implementation. This agility allows for efficient testing cycles and timely delivery of results.

Professionalism: WeTest provides professional reports and recommendations, offering valuable insights to developers for improving game quality and addressing potential issues.

Compatibility Testing: Identify Hardware&Software Compatibility Risks

WeTest's compatibility testing capability covers core game scenarios to validate stability, rendering and responsiveness across different platforms, devices and software. This testing is crucial to ensure that the game performs seamlessly across various setups and environments.

Compatibility Testing Solutions: To safeguard compatibility quality, WeTest employs a comprehensive approach that covers core game scenarios. This involves testing various aspects, such as downloading, installing, launching, and battle scenes, while also considering different hardware components (CPU, GPU, screen) and software elements (Operating System, antivirus software, DX version).

Client Performance Testing: Evaluate Performance and Enhance Experience

WeTest's client performance testing capability aims to validate game performance across different scenarios on the PC platform. This testing assesses game performance in high, medium, and low-tier device specifications. By monitoring and analyzing performance bottlenecks, WeTest assists developers in optimizing game performance.

Client Performance Testing Solutions: WeTest monitors game performance, discovering performance issues. In-depth analysis of the root cause of the problem, assisting the team to optimize the game performance. It gathers a variety of performance metrics, including FPS (Frames Per Second), CPU usage, memory usage, GPU memory usage, GPU usage, IO operations, and rendering pipeline data. These metrics are collected under various in-game scenarios to identify and locate performance issues accurately.

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WeTest's PC testing capabilities play a vital role in ensuring the quality, compatibility, and performance of PC games. By rigorously validating game features, assessing hardware and software compatibility, and optimizing game performance, WeTest contributes to delivering a seamless and exceptional gaming experience for players. With its customization, agility, and professionalism, WeTest stands as a reliable partner in the journey to create top-notch PC games that captivate and engage gamers around the world.

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