Enhancing Quality Assurance and Reducing Costs: The Power of WeTest Automation Testing

At WeTest, we offer a range of features and capabilities that set us apart

In the fast-paced world of gaming and software development, companies face numerous challenges when it comes to ensuring the quality of their products. Manual testing processes can be costly, time-consuming, and prone to errors. That’s where WeTest comes in, offering a comprehensive suite of mobile automation testing services.

Who can benefit the most from WeTest’s Mobile Automation Testing?

If you deal with products that undergo frequent version releases and require rigorous testing, WeTest Automation Testing is tailored for you. This includes industries such as gaming, where smoke testing and regression testing are integral and demand testing across various scenarios. Companies with large daily active user bases can also benefit from WeTest, as even minor issues can have a significant impact, despite overall functional stability.

The challenges companies often face in quality assurance:

1) Manual functional testing

Manual functional testing is not only labor-intensive but also challenging to keep up with the rapid pace of version releases. Quick regression testing often misses important test points, compromising the overall quality of the product.

2) Manual compatibility testing

Manual compatibility testing incurs high costs for device maintenance and procurement. Moreover, it is time-consuming and cannot perform parallel testing on multiple devices simultaneously.

3) Manual client performance testing

Ensuring the accuracy of test data and comparing performance data pose significant challenges in manual client performance testing.

Why choose WeTest’s Automation Testing?

At WeTest, we offer a range of features and capabilities that set us apart:

Vast collection of real phones: Access thousands of real phones for testing anytime, anywhere. WeTest provides the convenience of testing on real devices in the cloud, enabling batch automated testing.

Wide device coverage: WeTest supports all major global smartphone brands and models, ensuring comprehensive device coverage for your testing needs.

Support for mainstream testing frameworks: WeTest seamlessly integrates with industry-standard automation frameworks, providing compatibility and support for your preferred testing frameworks.

Various submission methods: WeTest caters to diverse system integration needs, offering submission methods via web, API, and command line interfaces.

WeTest’s Automation Testing solutions bring unique advantages to the table, especially for the gaming industry. Our services are suitable for a variety of scenarios, including automated game functionality, performance automation, and compatibility testing. WeTest is specifically designed for the Unreal Engine, supporting engine versions from 4.26 to 5.x, with plans to expand support to the Unity engine in the future.

Additional services offered by WeTest:

For gaming industry clients, WeTest goes beyond automation testing by providing seamless integration with specialized performance testing tools, such as crash analysis. This ensures a closed-loop approach, encompassing both functionality and performance testing.

For globally-released games, WeTest offers valuable support through overseas localization testing and global game crowd testing, helping you create world-class games.

For the app industry, we recommend our UDT (Unified Device Toolkit) product, which can be deployed locally and integrated into your local machines, providing a comprehensive testing solution.

Client testimonials speak for themselves:

Our clients have experienced significant benefits from our automation testing services. By leveraging automated testing tools, they have successfully reduced testing costs associated with labor. Furthermore, WeTest significantly enhances testing efficiency by minimizing repetitive and tedious tasks, resulting in shorter testing cycles. In fact, one of our clients witnessed a 40% improvement in testing efficiency, significantly reducing their testing cycle.

Flexible pricing options and private deployment:

WeTest understands the diverse needs of our clients and offers flexible pricing options, including monthly and annual subscriptions. Additionally, we provide private deployment options for enhanced security and customization.

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