WeTest/Expert Compatibility Testing(mobile)-WeTest/

Product Function

  • WeTest

    Test expert team

    Strictly follows Tencent's standard process, and is responsible for all Tencent high-level game compatibility tests, such as “League of Legends” and “King of Glory”, and provides Tencent's top game service standards.

  • WeTest

    Problem record

    Records the problem in detail for easy recurrence Multi-dimensional display: type of problem, severity, frequency of occurrence, and people affected.

  • WeTest

    In-depth test

    Mainstream Top models are covered, with various top models recommended and more test scenarios; sound effects, lag and other problems can be located; and reports are finished by test experts.

  • WeTest

    Abundant models

    Supports the mainstream models in the market, The new models are obtained quickly once they come into the market, Covers multiple brands, resolutions, Covers multiple systems, CPUs, and GPUs.

Application Scenarios

High-quality agile team Excellent application team in rapid development period to achieve quick iteration of product function and form. High quality requirements: striving to cover more complete models and scenarios. • Short time period. • Less investment of test manpower.

1)Provided with experts to provide customized compatibility test services. 2)Quick response. Users only need to provide application packages. 3)Mainstream scenarios are coverd, with detailed records of problems and screenshots, and log multi-dimensional display. 4) Reports are available in 2 working days.


        Service Process

        Make an appointment
        Contact customer service

        Confirm the test intention, sign a cooperation contract, and pay for the test.

        Submit materials

        Upload APK and wait for test.

        Write use cases

        The leader of the test group will experience the test package and write test cases one by one to ensure that the use cases cover all functions.

        Traversal function

        The test experts will conduct deep compatibility test in groups, and all test problems will be entered in the test.

        Report summary

        All the problems submitted by the test experts will be summarized into the final report.

        Time taken: one working day
        2 working days

        From the beginning of the test to the receipt of the report, it will be done within 48 hours

        Test completed
        Notify the user

        After generating the report, the system will automatically send the test completion notification according to the information receiving method you selected

        View report

        You can view the test report in “My Reports”