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Different Types of Automation Testing

Automation testing is a highly effective tool that could speed up the software testing procedure. It's a quality assurance measure to make sure your app is ready for deployment.

Automation testing saves time, money, and effort, it could be divided into 2 main types that you can automate first: functional and non-functional.

Functional testing is written to test the business logic behind an application. It verifies each function of the software against its requirements. Automating these mean writing scripts to validate the business logic and the functionality expected from the application.

Non-functional testing verifies the non-functional attributes of the software, such as performance, usability, and reliability. It defines the non-business requirements of the application. These requirements can remain constant or can be scaled as per the size of the software.

Next, we will introduce top automation testing types employed in most software systems today.

Top automation testing types

  • Smoke Tests:
    Smoke tests are a type of Functional test that check the most important features of a software product to make sure that all services are up and running, they are often small and are run multiple times, it's a suitable candidate for automation testing.
  • Integration Tests:
    Integration tests take all the individual pieces and functionalities of a software solution and test them together as a group to find out if they guarantee smooth operation between each other. An integration test suite must include tests for each of the features being developed by the team in order to test a product properly.
  • Regression Tests:
    Regression test are a type of tests to check if the software product is regressed after a change, it's a mix of functional and non-functional tests and verifies that the old code works in the same level of performance as they were performing before making the new changes.
  • Security Tests:
    Security tests can be both functional as well as a non-functional type of testing that screen the software for any vulnerabilities. They reveal weaknesses and any potential exploit in a system.A security test will have to have access to the source code to test for security vulnerabilities.
  • Performance Tests:
    Performance tests are non-functional tests that evaluate the software's attributes such as stability and responsiveness when it is put under load and stress. They ensure a software's success in the market because it helps identify potential issues users.
  • Acceptance Tests:
    Acceptance tests are functional tests that verify that the software is good enough to be used by the end-users. This is the final test a solution must pass before it could be released.


Automation testing has helped IT teams across the globe in speeding up the testing process and saves them from a lot of manual repetitive efforts. WeTest provides cloud-based mobile application testing service that allows you to perform automated testing in popular frameworks. Sign up for WeTest free trial to test your apps on real android and ios devices Click Here

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