6 Common Types of Software Test Automation Frameworks

Test automation frameworks are a group of rules and corresponding tools that are used for building test cases, they are designed to help QA professionals test more efficiently. Frameworks are an essential part of any successful automated testing process.

There are six common types of test automation frameworks:

  • Linear Automation Framework.

The linear Automation framework is commonly used in the testing of small applications. It is also referred to as a record-and-playback framework, no need to write code to create functions, so test automation expertise is not necessary.

  • Modular Based Testing Framework.

Modular framework require testers create test scripts module by breaking down the complete application under test into smaller, independent tests. The main reason for using this framework is to build an abstraction layer to safeguard the master module from any changes made in individual tests.

  • Library Architecture Testing Framework.

Library Architecture Testing framework is based on the modular frameworkbut but has some additional benefits. Instead of dividing the application into various scripts that need to be run,we divide the application under test into modules so that we could identify the common tasks and grouped them into functions. The test scripts are kept in a library which can can be used whenever needed.

  • Data-Driven Framework.

Generally, Test Data is read from the external files and they are loaded into the variables inside the Test Script, the Data-Driven Testing Framework allows you the liberty to store the test data in an drive, it reduces the number of scripts required.

  • Keyword-Driven Framework.

It is also called table-driven testing. It performs automation test scripts based on the keywords specified in the excel sheet of the project. Testers can work with keywords to develop any test automation script, but the initial cost of setting up the framework may be high.

  • Hybrid Testing Framework.

Hybrid Test automation framework is the combination of two or more frameworks mentioned above. It attempts to leverage the advantages of some and mitigate the weaknesses of others. Hybrid framework can be more easily adapted to get the best test results.

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